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Aerial Yoga helps practitioners to increase flexibility, develop strength, and experience deep, full breathing. Working with gravity, students realign and relax the body, enhance awareness and uplift the spirit.

This training programme is catered for aspiring teachers and experienced yoga practitioners who wish to advance their practices. Many of the fundamental skills you learn on the course will give you a foundation from which to either teach a basic Hatha yoga class or deepen your yoga practice in general.

You will learn to use the hammock and yoga swing – i.e. a sling with three handles at varying lengths. Using the hammock / yoga swing as a prop, students explore, refine and advance the asana practice. The hammock / yoga swing makes traditional asanas easier, the practice deeper and more achievable as the weight of the body is either partially or fully supported by the fabric and the handles for yoga swing. Students can challenge themselves whilst also restoring, repairing and relaxing.

Students are encouraged to integrate the hammock / yoga swing into teaching style and self-practice. Discover how to work with the hammock / yoga swing as a teaching prop.

This teacher training will be held on a part-time basis. You will discover the bigger picture of yoga and how the practice fits into the history and philosophy of yoga in general. You will understand the benefits of working with the hammock / yoga swing – how it facilitates proper body alignment and physical release in different body parts. You will also learn how to create a fluid aerial yoga class and how to safely teach aerial yoga to others.

Students are expected to practise aerial yoga and undertake mat practices consistently, particularly during the training period in order to appreciate the benefits and differences. The training programme is divided into Parts I (4 weeks) and II (6 weeks) with a six-week interval. Students are required to undertake 20 aerial yoga classes during the interval as part of the training.

Completion of this course guarantees a certificate. However, you will receive your certification when the teacher determines that you are ready to teach publically – whether it be exactly at the end of the course or some time thereafter.

The course is registered with the Yoga Alliance. Upon completion of this course, assignments, written and practical examinations, students will be awarded a certificate of participation with which you can use to apply online to be a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200).

If you are an RYT-200, you can elect to join the practice sessions, which will qualify as Continuing Education Contact Hours. CET is 32 hours for this programme.

Yoga Alliance Accredited School
Pure Yoga is a registered school with Yoga Alliance. Our teacher training programmes and teachers are internationally accredited, have exclusive recognition and qualify for the 200-hr Yoga Alliance Certification.

Yoga Alliance is an international governing board for yoga teachers and training programmes in the U.S and globally. Graduates of our programme are automatically eligible to register as an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance. Being an RYT is usually the basic requirement many hiring studios look for.

Mission Statement
We offer this training in an effort to grow our community of committed yoga practitioners, empowering those who demonstrate dedication to a personal practice, by sharing the knowledge, skills and tools we have learned so they too can start teaching yoga.

We intend to guide trainees towards a healthy self-confidence, while at the same time invoking in them a sense of humility and excitement, knowing that they are at the beginning of a long journey.

For enquiries, email events@pure-yoga.com

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