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Class Summary

Date:13th Feb 2018
Time:12:45 pm
Duration:60 minutes
Class type:Hot 37
Class description:A non-vinyasa based set sequence practised in a heated room focused on connecting the body and mind. 37 postures are practised in this sequence, including some upper body weight bearing. This sequence includes asana and pranayama. The heat adds to the physical effort required to do the postures and aids to condition the body. This class is suitable for students with physical endurance. No inversions are taught in this class. Room temperature: 38-41 °C.
Class level: Level 1


Bernadette's yoga journey was triggered on an airplane whilst travelling to Thailand, when she cast her eyes on a magazine photo of Vrksasana (Tree pose) being held on the edge of a cliff. This awe-inspiring vision prompted her to set foot onto a path of holistic wellness... into the world of yoga. It is the connectedness and openness after each practice that keeps drawing her back for another class, and she can still vividly remember the sweetness of slowing down after her first class. Yoga has helped Bernadette to become more aligned with her own being, to listen to her heart and be more compassionate towards herself and others.

As one of the first few Forrest Yoga teachers in Asia, Bernadette is forever grateful to Ana Forrest's guidance and encouragement to be an authentic teacher. After becoming a Certified Forrest Yoga teacher, she continues to study with Ana and Sinhee Ye-McCabe, Forrest Yoga Guardian - assisting Ana in workshops and teacher trainings, and Sinhee in Forrest Yoga trainings. The time with Ana Forrest is always transformational. As a result, Bernadette has developed a better relationship with herself, following her heart and speaking her truth with grace. Sinhee's passion for and dedication to Forrest Yoga ceaselessly inspires Bernadette, teaching Bernadette the beauty of soaking in the energy of compliments to nourish her Spirit.

Bernadette's classes are fun, dynamic and breath-oriented. As an advocate of mindfulness, she believes in creating a supportive environment for students to explore the many possibilities of their body. She encourages her students to stay present with the subtle changes that each mindful breath brings to experience the beauty of self-discovery. Her hands-on assists are therapeutic, allowing students to come home to their body - not only to become more receptive to what their body can do but also to connect to their own strength. Bernadette is also moved by the different healing modalities of Shamanism, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Reiki, which allow her to interpret healing in a more holistic way.

• Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest, 2010, 2012 & 2015
• Certified Angel Life Coach, Angel Card Reader, Inspirational Teacher, Past Life Healer and Hypnotherapist with Nelly Angel, 2015
• Certified Baby Massage Instructor, International Association of Infant Massage, 2015
• Usui and Tibetan Reiki Practitioner Certification with Joyce Thom, 2015
• Cranial Sacral Foundations with Joyce Thom, 2014
Pre- & Post-natal Teacher Training with Jean Bryne and Michelle Papa - Pre-natal Yoga (Module I), Post-natal Yoga (Module II) & Yoga for Active Birth (Module III), 2013
• Insight Yoga Teacher Training Intensive with Sarah Powers, 2012
• Forrest Yoga Mentorship Programme with Sinhee Ye-McCabe (Korea), 2010
• Pain & Orthopedic Evaluation Training for Yoga Teachers & Students with Ellen Heed, 2009
• 25-Hour Study in Birthing A Conscious World: Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Sara Avant Stover, 2008
• Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training with Ana Forrest, 2007
• Embodying the Flow Teacher Training with Shiva Rea, 2006
• 200-hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Wanda Hewitt, 2005

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