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Class Summary

Date:21st Sep 2017
Time:9:30 pm
Duration:60 minutes
Class type:Hot 31
Class description:A set sequence practised in a heated room focused on connecting the body and mind. 31 postures are practised in this sequence with the inclusion of a few sun salutations, pranayama and asana. The heat adds to the physical effort required to do the postures and aids to condition the body. This class is suitable for students with physical endurance. No inversions are taught in this class. Room temperature: 38-41 °C.
Class level: Level 1


Ayla first tried yoga in her bedroom in 2011; her interest to start yoga came from her curiosity in the contrast between Eastern and Western philosophies and sciences. Initially, she was grateful for the strength and calm yoga has brought her, but soon she was captivated by the connection between the mind, body, and life. In Montréal, Ayla deepened her understanding of this relationship by studying biology, nutrition, and the neuroscience of attention, meditation, and music. She also worked at hospitals in India and studied Chinese medicine to broaden her knowledge of holistic health and well-being. She has found that yoga can help bring you what you need in life: whether it is balance, forgiveness, focus, kindness, stability, freedom, or anything.

However, it was not until Ayla became very ill that she learned yoga in a way that saved her life. At this time, she was introduced to Dr. Madan Bali, a 92-year-old world-renowned yoga teacher. His classes taught Ayla the true purpose of yoga — to bring about an understanding that she had only felt through meditation and as a child. This deeper practice brought peace, bliss, and the magic back into Ayla's life and inspired her to start teaching yoga. This method also focuses on realising the power of the body to heal itself — a lesson Ayla continues to cherish, practise, and teach every day as she is grateful to be alive.

Ayla's classes are creative, challenging, and insightful. Ayla wants her students to feel good after her classes as she aims to teach yoga for the sake of happiness, health, and harmony. She emphasises the importance of the breath, the true goals of yoga, and yoga as a meditative practice. Beyond this, she hopes she can help bring people to some of the same realisations she has. She believes the power of the practice is limitless. Students are also able to learn more about the science of yoga and move to some great music in her classes.

• 100 Hour Ayurveda Course, Dharamsala, India, 2016
• 100 Hour Iyengar Intensive Course, Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre, Dharamsala, India, 2016
• 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Dr. Madan Bali, 2015
• Graduated Honours Psychology, Biological Sciences, and Musical Science, McGill University, Canada

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