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Class Summary

Date:14th Feb 2017
Time:9:00 pm
Duration:60 minutes
Class type:Restorative
Class description:A deeply relaxing healing practice focused on stimulating the parasympathetic system with the purpose of calming the body and the mind. In this class, props such as belts, bolsters, blocks, chairs and blankets are used with the purpose of supporting the body while exerting minimal physical effort in the asanas. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included. Suitable for anyone seeking to alleviate the strains of a busy and stressful lifestyle.
Class level: Gentle

Tin Ming

Tin Ming
After many years of dedicated practice, Tin-Ming decided to take his first 200-hour teacher certification with Patrick Creelman in 2010. Three years later, he completed a 200-hour certification in Yoga and Ayurveda and furthered his understanding in this area by completing another Yoga and Ayurveda Specialist 200-hour training with Mas Vidal in 2015.

This thirst for knowledge led Tin-Ming to broaden his experience through Yin/Insight Yoga teacher training with Sarah Powers, Aerial Yoga teacher training with Isla Rosete and Ariel Chen, Yoga Wall teacher training with Bryan Legere and Martin Zilbauer, Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teacher training with Ellen Heed, Restorative Yoga with Roger Cole, Leza Lowitz, Bo Forbes and Cyndi Lee. In recent years, he has also participated in thematic workshops by Swami Dr.Omanand, Bernie Clark, Mas Vidal, Leslie Kaminoff, Joyce Thom and Kyoko Jasper.

To complement his learnings in yoga, Tin-Ming studied various techniques include Ayurvedic Massage, Traditional Chinese Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga Tune-Up Method, Trigger Point Performance Method and Cranialsacral Work. He believes yoga is not only what happens in class when you sit on a mat. He believes yoga practice is an internal unifying journey - not merely a pose or posture but that which connects body, mind and soul.

In his own practice, Tin-Ming often feels a simultaneous emotional and physical release. It is this unique experience that inspires him to share what he has learnt with a broader community.

Having graduated with a MPhil in Fine Arts, Tin-Ming has been very active serving the local creative education and performing arts circle. With his solid teaching background, Tin-Ming's classes are fused with fun and positivity. He gives detailed yet easy alignment cues for individual progression. He also empowers people of different levels to embrace their own strengths to excel during practice.

• Yoga and Ayurveda Specialist: 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Mas Vidal, 2015
• Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Ariel Chen, 2015
• Flyoga Foundation Teacher Training with Isla Rosete, 2015
• Yoga Wall Level 1 Training with Bryan Legere, 2015
• Intensive Yoga Wall Training 1 with Martin Zilbauer, 2015
• Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Intensive with Leza Lowitz, 2015
• Insight/ Yin Yoga Teacher Training Intensive with Sarah Powers, 2014
• Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda: 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training, 2013
• Foundation to Teach: 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Patrick Creelman, 2010

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