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Class Summary

Date:15th Jan 2017
Time:8:30 am
Duration:90 minutes
Class type:Ashtanga 2
Class description:This dynamic class comprises the classical form of Vinyasa Yoga as taught in its traditional sequence. It combines power and flexibility with movement, bandhas and breath, to produce an energetic and detoxifying practice. The Ashtanga opening chant is an intrinsic part of this Yoga tradition and is included in this class. This practice includes the full Primary and Finishing sequences; please note that some postures may be skipped due to time constraints. Suitable for students with a consistent Ashtanga or Vinyasa practice.
Class level: Level 2


Since Raymond took his first yoga class at a Fitness Centre in 2005, his passion for yoga grew as the benefits gradually unfolded through continual mind and body practices. Yoga also transformed him from a heavy meat eater into a vegetarian.

Michel Besnard is his first teacher of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. Raymond completed the Yoga Alliance 200-hour Ashtanga Teacher Training with Michel in 2007 and has been committed to exploring all aspects of yoga ever since. He feels really thankful to have had the opportunity to study with David Swenson, John Scott, Alex Medin and Kino MacGregor among others.

Raymond has been practising the Mysore style of Ashtanga Yoga every morning since 2007 and assisting in the Mysore classes at Pure Yoga The Centrium for the past four years with various great Mysore teachers. Raymond loves to share his yoga experience and learn from fellow practitioners and students.

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