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Class Summary

Date:22nd Aug 2017
Time:7:15 pm
Duration:30 minutes
Class type:Yoga Nidra (meditation)
Class description:Also known as yogic sleep, Yoga Nidra is a state of conscious deep sleep that brings about relaxation, clarity and tranquillity. During this class, students are guided through specific instructions to focus on different body parts and to relax them, while in a state of conscious sleep. The method is simple yet profound and it revitalises the entire system. Some preparatory asanas may be included. Suitable for students seeking to relax and reset the body and mind.
Class level: Gentle


Jessica feels that her quality of life has been elevated since she started learning yoga. She started practising in 2006 because of insomnia and fell in love with yoga immediately. It wasn't just the physical aspect but also the deeper understanding of her body that she gained from continuous practice and a more restful mind.

Through yoga, Jessica achieved greater understanding of the value and nature of relaxation, acceptance and sharing - and thus learned to feel and treasure every moment that she created. She regards these moments as very special and precious parts of our lives. "When you find such moments, the happiness will follow."
Jessica has studied under various yoga teachers and learned different styles of yoga, providing her with a diversity of experiences in body and mind - precise alignment and always being open to the graces with Anusara, self-healing with Yoga Therapy, maintaining stillness of movement with Yin yoga, healing from the inside-out with Pranayama & Meditation. She has also acquired Yoga Therapy Diploma certification from Paramanand University in India under the tutelage of her guru Professor Om Baweja, who was inspired by Swami Paramanand Maharaj Ji.

Jessica believes that yoga is a journey of self-realisation, and she is keen to share her many yoga experiences with those around her. She hopes everyone in the world can treasure each moment that they create, find the happiness that follows and celebrate this truth.

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