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Class Summary

Date:25th Aug 2017
Time:3:00 pm
Duration:75 minutes
Class type:Chair Yoga
Class description:This specialised class combines the use of a conventional yoga chair with traditional asanas. The chair enables longer holds of the postures and facilitates deeper stretching with ease and support. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included. This class is suitable for students with some yoga experience looking to increase the mobility of their bodies and have an invigorating experience. Some supported inversions and Level 2 postures may be introduced with options for Level 1 students. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early before class to help set up the props.
Class level: Level 1


Natalie started her journey with Yoga in 2000. Having joined Pure Yoga's very first studio, she began practising each day - and with each day became excited for the next day of practice. After every class she felt joyful and inspired by the physical and emotional space it left in her. It gave her support to live and connect to living and being from a more understanding place within. Through the practice of Yoga, being positive and having a positive outlook gradually became a part of who she was again.

With the gracious support from her first yoga teacher Patrick Creelman, she was able to embark on her journey into teaching. Since 2004 Natalie has continued to study and apply through different methods, the teachings of Yoga. To have the opportunity to learn and integrate Yoga as a way of life is an amazing process and a wonderful gift. It is a practice that is available for anyone to embrace and make a part of their life.

In class, Natalie guides students to practise 'struggle free' by learning to accommodate one's present physical and emotional condition. Natalie encourages students to be and feel safe in class, to take time in building a dynamic physical and emotional support system. Equal amounts of effort and calm along with patience and persistence are what bring about a sense of well-being and balance.

Natalie's classes cultivate mindful breath-based movements, with aliment as an ongoing theme in each class. She advocates feeling and being the goodness of oneself regardless of pose or ability. Our well-being allows us to connect and communicate from a place of calm and truth so that we can bring forth the best of who we are.

• Wall Rope Yoga Training Level 2 (Iyengar-based) 35-hour with Bryan Legere, 2015
• Wall Rope Yoga Training Level 1 (Iyengar-based) 35-hour with Bryan Legere, 2014
• Forrest Yoga Teacher Training Foundation 200-hour with Ana Forrest, 2013
• Post-Natal Yoga Training 25-hour with Michelle Papa, 2013
• Pre-Natal Yoga Training 25-hour with Michelle Papa, 2012
• Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga Teacher Training 40-hour with Judith Hansen Lasater, 2012
• Ashtanga Yoga Pranayama Course 50-hour with Paul Dallaghan and Shri OP Tiwari, 2011
• Spinal Integration Work Shop 30-hour with Donna Farhi, 2009
• Hatha Vinyasana Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour with Stephen Thomas, 2006
• Barkan Method Hot Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour with Jimmy Barkan, 2004

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