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Class Summary

Date:17th Feb 2017
Time:8:30 pm
Duration:90 minutes
Class type:Kuchipudi
Class description:It's the traditional (Classical) dance originating from Andhra Pradesh, South India. Like ballet, the syllabus is fixed and everyone learns individually, and at their own pace. It's a personalised group class. All levels are welcome.
Class level: Level 1

Hari Om

Hari Om
Hari Om (Hari Eranki) was born to a family of traditional musicians and dancers. He started learning Kuchipudi dance at the very young age of 3 under the tutelage of the legendary Guru Sri Pasumarthi Sitaramiah, an exponent of the true and traditional form of Kuchipudi dance. Under his guidance, Hari Om has performed since the age of 5 in various parts of India and won competitions on the district, state and national levels.

His most prestigious achievements include his participation in the 1994 and 1995 international Kuchipudi dance festivals in Mumbai and Hyderabad respectively, along with the likes of Swapna Sundari, Meenakshi Seshadri and other such great dance exponents. He also won a scholarship from The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training in New Delhi to study Kuchipudi for 8 years. Subsequently, he obtained a Diploma in Kuchipudi dance from the Telugu University, Hyderabad in 1995.

Hari Om has his own dance school - Sri Gowthami Kala Vihara in Visakhapatnam, India - which he started in 1992 when he was just 14. Since then he has trained hundreds of aspiring dancers who have won laurels, awards and competitions in India. He came to Hong Kong in 2003 and introduced the city to yoga dance for the first time. Since then, he has established himself as the trendsetter for this kind of dance and trained many Hong Kong people in the fine art of Indian, Bollywood, as well as Kuchipudi dance, in which he has conducted 3 workshops to date. Hari Om is a seasoned performer for some of the most prestigious events in the city including the Harvard Alumni Charity Ball, Diwali Ball, the annual Independence Day celebrations by the Indian Consulate, etc. Like him, his students have also performed Kuchipudi and Bollywood dance for many major occasions in Hong Kong.

Describing dance as "a soulful experience" that alleviates the stress and strain of daily life, Hari Om gains immense satisfaction from teaching dance as it broadens knowledge, inspires creative freedom and instils more joy into people's lives.

View this week's schedule for Hari Om at:

Langham Place Office Tower
Peninsula Office Tower

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