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Class Summary

Date:15th Jan 2017
Time:11:15 am
Duration:90 minutes
Class type:Vinyasa 2
Class description:A dynamic practice focused on moving the body along with the breath. The experience in this class is one of fluidity and motion. Poses are generally held for short periods of time and emphasis on the rhythm of the breath is encouraged with the purpose of aligning and focusing the mind. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included. Suitable for intermediate yoga practitioners with a consistent Vinyasa practice. This class builds on the necessary body stability acquired in Level 1 classes to take on more challenging asanas and sequences. Classes are taught with modifications to allow an easy transition from Level 1 to Level 2. Full inversions may be included in these classes.
Class level: Level 2


At the age of 8, Gopal started practising yoga as an extracurricular school activity. Practising yoga poses with schoolmates for inter-school competitions and performances sparked him to further explore yoga. Sharing his yoga learnings with others and hearing that they felt better because of it motivated him to deepen his knowledge in yogic science.

After practising yoga, Gopal feels that life has lifted him as a person to love, to serve, to be content, to give and to elevate the mind. For him, Yoga is a way of life that emphasises what is important - humility, grace, kindness, breath, honouring your body, hope, change, stillness - through a series of movements. The movements are the vessels that carry this belief system through every inch of the body.

Yoga keeps you grounded through the hard times, rejoices with you in the good times, and heals you in the sad times. It is a friend you can always count on. It is a place you always belong. It is a time of stillness when you need calm; it is a place of energy when you need uplifting.

Gopal says his parents' unconditional love and constant support, and his dedication towards the art has led him to become a yoga teacher. He also cites as his major teachers:

Master Dr. Kamal Srinivas - Gopal got the chance to teach abroad, where he learnt yoga philosophy directly from Dr. Kamal. Gopal's life literally changed because of him.

David Swenson - David is a super kind person with a beautiful heart. From David, Gopal learnt how to be humble, grounded and to show kindness.

Andrey Lappa - Gopal feels so glad and lucky to have Andrey in his yoga journey. Andrey is like an ocean of knowledge that constantly serves for humanity.

From all his teachers, Gopal has learnt to live life simply, to be content, to meditate, to practise asanas with the right intention, to have a healthy balanced life, to be grounded, to serve and love unconditionally.

Gopal approaches his classes with a sense of humour. His poses always have an option from beginner to advance, motivating everyone towards a healthy practice. Apart from physical strength, flexibility, alignments and adjustments, he likes to take his students towards joy, peace and finding harmony with a healthy state of mind. His focus is more on grounding, being centred, and mindful breath awareness, all of which come from the heart. He likes his students to approach the practice in a grounded rather than competitive way. He loves to see students relaxed - physically, mentally and spiritually. Most importantly, Gopal wants to help students to understand yoga as the best tool that can be applied in life's every aspect.

• Universal Yoga Teacher Training 500-Hour - Andrey Lappa, 2013
• Registered E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Teacher
• Sivananda Yoga 500-Hour Advance Teacher Training (Yoga Aacharya), 2010
• Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training - David Swenson, 2009
• Certified Muay Thai Instructor - AASFP, 2009
• Certified Muay Thai Instructor - AASFP, 2008
• Certified Dance Instructor - AASFP, 2008
• Diploma in Yoga Therapy, 2005
• Sivananda Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training (Yoga Sironmani), 2004
• Diploma in Yogic Science and Education, 2003
• Diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic Science, 2000

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