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Class Summary

Date:18th Feb 2017
Time:2:00 pm
Duration:60 minutes
Class type:Pranayama & Meditation
Class description:Pranayama is the practice of breath control. This meditation class introduces students to yogic breathing and concentration exercises that lead to meditative state. Regular practice purifies the body and calms the mind, eventually leading to experiences of deep relaxation, peace and vitality. Some preparatory asanas may be included. Suitable for anyone seeking to calm the mind and revitalise the body.
Class level: Gentle


Lawrence has been teaching yoga since late 2007. Shortly afterwards, Lawrence was blessed with the opportunity to meet his spiritual teacher Carlos Pomeda. It was through his studies with Carlos that Lawrence began to discover the true essence of his yoga practice.

Ross Rayburn and Patrick Creelman have also influenced Lawrence deeply, showing him how to connect biomechanical principles of alignment with qualities of the heart. Through his exploration of these concepts, he became certified in Yoga Therapy in 2011.

Lawrence's classes are energetic, fun, dynamic, and challenging. He incorporates a Tantric philosophy by encouraging students to pause, soften, and remember the strength of their spirit. From this remembrance, the practice becomes a celebration of their innate goodness.


• 2016 6-Months Nondual Shaiva Tantra Philosophy Course- Christopher Wallis (Hareesh)
• 2015 Tricara Immersion- Ross Rayburn
• 2015 Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training- Carlos Pomeda
• 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 Yoga Philosophy and Meditation- Carlos Pomeda
• 2012 Therapeutic Teacher Training- Martin Kirk
• 2012 Intensive Studies- Ross Rayburn
• 2012 Master Intensive Training- John Friend
• 2012 Master Immersion Training- John Friend
• 2011 Intensive Teacher Training- Ross Rayburn
• 2010 Therapeutic Teacher Training- Ross Rayburn
• 2010 Immersion III, Training- Ross Rayburn
• 2010 Immersion II, Training- Ross Rayburn
• 2010 Immersion I, Training- Ross Rayburn
• 2009 Immersion Training- Patrick Creelman
• 2007 Absolute Hot Yoga Teacher Training
• 2007 Foundation Teacher Training- Patrick Creelman

View this week's schedule for Lawrence at:

Pure South - The Pulse
Soundwill Plaza

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