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Class Summary

Date:13th Jan 2017
Time:9:15 am
Duration:90 minutes
Class type:Ashtanga 2
Class description:This dynamic class comprises the classical form of Vinyasa Yoga as taught in its traditional sequence. It combines power and flexibility with movement, bandhas and breath, to produce an energetic and detoxifying practice. The Ashtanga opening chant is an intrinsic part of this Yoga tradition and is included in this class. This practice includes the full Primary and Finishing sequences; please note that some postures may be skipped due to time constraints. Suitable for students with a consistent Ashtanga or Vinyasa practice.
Class level: Level 2


Chris infuses his yoga teaching with concepts of human anatomy and alignment in a practical approach that is safe and easy to understand. He obtained a 200-hr Yoga Alliance teacher training certification at Centered Yoga Institute in Koh Samui with Paul Dallighan, specialising in the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, prior to that he had obtained Hatha Yoga teacher training certification and Sports Therapy certification at Australian Fitness Training for Professionals, Elementary and Intermediate Levels Hatha Yoga Teacher Training certifications at Hong Kong Yoga Association. Chris also specialises in the study of musculoskeletal imbalances, physical posture problems and misalignment, and weak core stability through the study of classical Pilates mat exercises and obtained MAT Level 1 and 2 certifications at STOTTS PILATES.

Chris is also passionate about the study of human anatomy and physiology and the science of biomechanics as he obtained a certification in anatomy and physiology with professor Holly Trimble. He hopes to help individuals with posture problems more effectively through the science and techniques of Pilates and therapeutic yoga, together with some bodywork manipulation techniques. His broad interest has inspired Chris to pursue the study of remedial massage therapy and he plans on conducting continuing education trainings related to the subject of anatomy and physiology as it applies to the practice of hatha yoga and Pilates.

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