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Class Summary

Date:29th Oct 2017
Time:5:45 pm
Duration:75 minutes
Class type:Yin
Class description:A healing practice focused on realigning and stretching the connective tissues of the body. Students will experience long held deep stretches with the purpose of connecting with the rhythm of the breath and cultivating a meditative mind. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included. Suitable for anyone looking to stretch their bodies with little physical effort.
Class level: Gentle


Kay first fell in love with the traditional practice of hatha yoga for the physical, mental and spiritual benefits it brings. She later became aware that Yoga goes beyond what is learnt on the mat — it is a way of life. Following the teachings of Master Sivananda, Yoga is to "Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realise."

With an open mind to learn more about the ancient science of Yoga, Kay left her home in New York City and travelled to Asia. She devoted her time to living in an ashram where she grew immeasurably as a student and a teacher. Kay had the opportunity to teach different paths of Yoga and assist in teacher trainings. Perhaps what she believes to be most profound is the unconditional love, patience and compassion that she developed for all beings. Kay is deeply gratefulto Swami Vishnudevananda, who showed her that Yoga is the path to health and happiness.

Kay guides students to move mindfully with breath awareness, whilst reminding them to enjoy the present moment. Through her inspirational and meditative classes comes the unity of body, mind and soul. With pure love and joy, she creates a sacred space for inner peace and healing. It is an everyday blessing for Kay to share the gift of Yoga with all.

• Pre-natal Yoga 30-hr Teacher Training with Samantha Chan, 2015, Hong Kong
• Baby Om 16-hr Teacher Training with Laura Staton & Sarah Perron, 2015, New York
• Meditation Immersion ISYVC Course with Swami Brahmananda, 2015, Bahamas
• Yin Yoga 50-hr Teacher Training with Victor Chng, 2014, Hong Kong
• Andiappan Yoga 300-hr Advanced Teacher Training with Yogananth Andiappan, 2014, Hong Kong
• Living Yoga Therapy 80-hr Teacher Training with Chandrika Gibson & Garrett Lane, 2014, Hong Kong
• Universal Yoga 200-hr Teacher Training with Andrey Lappa & Will Lau, 2014, Hong Kong
• Sadhana Intensive Pranayama ISYVC Course with Nataraj, 2013, India
• Dharma Yoga 200-hr Teacher Training with Dharma Mittra, 2013, New York
• Sivananda Yoga 500-hr Advanced Teacher Training with Prahlad Reddy & Swami Sivabhaktananda, 2013, India
• Sivananda Yoga 200-hr Teacher Training with Swami Mahadevananda and Mani Chaitanaya, 2012, Thailand
• Anti-Gravity Teacher Training with KD Diallo, 2012, New York
• Kripalu 200-hr Teacher Training with Jurian Hughes and Jay Karlinski, 2012, New York

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