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Class Summary

Date:15th Feb 2017
Time:3:00 pm
Duration:60 minutes
Class type:Hatha 1
Class description:A non-vinyasa based asana practice focused on connecting the body and mind with the purpose of increasing awareness and stability. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included. Suitable for students with some yoga experience looking to have an invigorating experience. No full inversions are included in these classes. Some preparations for inversions and Level 2 postures may be introduced, with options for Level 1 students to ease the transition from Level 1 to Level 2 classes.
Class level: Level 1


During her previous life as advertising art director, Greta's brain was constantly drained but physically she felt unfit and that there was energy still needed to be released. After her first yoga class in 2005, Greta had trouble walking down the stairs because her legs had gone numb with all the warrior poses. Yet surprisingly, her mind was far from numb - she felt ALIVE!

A regular practice has quietly opened her heart to more love for other beings on the planet, especially animals. It has also shifted other aspects of her life - before yoga, Greta would do anything to get vegetables off her plate but now she can't live without them. Yoga has been with Greta through stressful work nights, hangovers, heartbreaks and jet lag.

Through learning from Samrat Dasgupta and Kapil Rajiv, Greta was inspired to take her first teacher training in 2009. Since then, she has been very lucky in being able to share her love with others on a one-to-one level, small groups, groups of 300+, people on the other side of the world by teaching online, and even reaching out to homes in Hong Kong and throughout Asia by appearing on some of the most-watched TV channels and in popular magazines.

So far as gratitude towards her teachers - Joakim Olin introduced her to compassion and she is forever thankful to her teacher Connie Yan, who welcomed her to the world of Mysore-style Astanga Yoga and always ensured that Greta took care of herself as a teacher.

Greta's classes are always multi-levelled because "our bodies and minds are different every day". She often reinvents herself and hopes that through her classes, practitioners can re-explore themselves and take the time to love oneself. Stimulating, spirit-boosting and heart-lifting are just some of the words to describe Greta's classes. Regardless of what she is teaching, she would like her students to come away feeling lighter, happier and more spacious within.

• Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher Attunements with Joyce Thom, 2017
• International Community First Aid with Katia Bacon, 2016
• 300 Hours Training with The Yoga Space, 2016
• Yoga Research, Philosophy & Practice with Dr. Jean Bryne, Rob Schutze, Garrett Lane, 2016
• Living Yoga Therapy Mentorship with Chandrika Gibson, Garrett Lane, 2014-2015
• Reiki 1 & 2 Attunements with Joyce Thom, 2015
• AntiGravity Fundamentals 1 & 2 Training with Tamer Begum, 2015
• Living Yoga Therapy Yoga Therapist Training with Chandrika Gibson, Garrett Lane, 2014
• Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Teacher Training Module Three (Yoga for Active Birth) with Michelle Papa, Dr. Jean Bryne, 2013
• Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Teacher Training Module Two (Post-Natal Yoga) with Michelle Papa, 2011
• Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Teacher Training Module One (Pre-Natal Yoga) with Michelle Papa, 2011
• Yoga Teacher Training 250-Hour Level with Yoga Limbs, 2010

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