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Class Summary

Date:13th Feb 2017
Time:6:30 am
Duration:150 minutes
Class type:Mysore
Class description:This class follows the traditional KPJAYI method by which Ashtanga Yoga is taught in Mysore, South India. Students are individually and gradually taught the Primary Series of Ashtanga until they memorise the sequence and are able to practise it on their own. Once the Primary Series is completed, then the Intermediate Series begins. Suitable for students with a consistent Ashtanga practice and knowledge of the Primary Series sequence.
Class level: Level 3

Eng Eng

Eng Eng
As a child growing up in rural Malaysia (with no malls and amusement parks), Eng has always been "running wild" barefoot in the countryside. She remained active in sports whilst attending school and devoted 15 years to aerobic exercises, which eventually led to repeated injuries.

Yoga came into Eng's life during her search for alternative forms of exercise and she has practised ever since. Eng's discovery of yoga was the beginning of a life-changing experience and she is eternally grateful to all her teachers, family and friends for their patience, guidance and unconditional love and support!

Eng practises yoga every day and tries to live to the best of her ability by living without any expectation of an end result, yet with the realisation of her strengths and weaknesses, and with compassion for herself and others.

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Asia Standard Tower

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