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Class Summary

Date:13th Feb 2017
Time:1:00 pm
Duration:60 minutes
Class type:Yoga for Runners
Class description:This special class is designed with the runner’s body in mind. The focus is on stretching the areas that are typically tight, including the hamstrings, IT band and hips; strengthening the weak areas, like the core and upper body; and restoring some of the typically sore areas like the lower back. Specific sets of postures and sequences make for a well-balanced class designed to build flexibility, stabilise the joints and centre the breath. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included. Suitable for runners with or without yoga experience.
Class level: Gentle


Born in Hong Kong, Veronique graduated from a local technical institute with a major in fashion design and retail management.

Veronique was diagnosed with scoliosis (C- or S-curved spine) when she was 8 years old. As time passed, back and neck pain and other health problems started to occur. She is also an ovarian cancer survivor. But in 2000, she took up Iyengar-style yoga and found her calling as a yoga teacher.

She completed her yoga teacher training with Sravaniya Di Pecoraro under the International Yoga Institute in 2004. To focus more on Iyengar yoga training, Veronique was grateful to continue her training with different senior Iyengar teachers worldwide such as Faeq Biria (Paris), Cle Souren (Amsterdam), Birijoo Mehta (Mumbai), Peter Scott (Melbourne) and Linda Shevloff (Hong Kong). Veronique has also been a Bhakti yoga practitioner since 2000 as part of her spiritual pursuit.

Veronique credits yoga for relieving pain in different conditions and helping the practitioner to feel more aligned. It has helped her and her students to find a feeling of equilibrium in body, mind and spirit, promoting vitality and well-being at all stages of life.

Veronique's passion for yoga and compassion for her students is always evident in her teaching. Her sequencing will help you better understand the essence of poses and how to apply them to individual needs during the course of your practice. Veronique teaches Hatha, Yoga Therapy, Restorative and Personal Yoga classes in English and Cantonese.

View this week's schedule for Veronique at:

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Asia Standard Tower

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