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About the Retreat


Escape to one of Asia’s most beautiful Islands, Palawan, Philippines with Pure Yoga teacher, Clayton Horton.

Imagine daily Yoga sessions in the tropical paradise of El Nido in Northern Palawan, Philippines, a very special place renowned for some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Days begin with gentle sunrise morning asana, simple meditations and breathwork, followed by an amazing breakfast of fresh fruit and local produce.

Restful afternoons and island beach tours in an aquatic wonderland of clear blue water and white sand are sure to provide an unforgettable yoga vacation for all.

Late-afternoon yoga sessions will be restorative and informational mini-workshops of yoga therapy, yin yoga, self-care, injury prevention, anatomical massage, yoga philosophy, hatha yoga techniques and Clayton’s yoga travel stories.

Dinner will be an anticipated activity with beautiful food prepared by The Nest’s cooking staff. Local fresh produce will create inspiring vegetarian meals with island seafood options.

Evening activities of music, yoga dance, and movies on alternate nights will be on hand for fun and entertainment. Peace and quiet of the small beach town of El Nido will provide plenty of rest and relaxation away from the noise and pace of big city life. Beginners and students of all levels are welcome.

“Yoga experienced in a retreat setting is an optimal way to disconnect with the distractions of urban busy life and connect with peaceful and joyful aspects of the soul.” – Clayton Horton

The yoga clause and programme at Thes Nest El Nido Beach Resort (the “Resort”) are organised by Pure (Travel) Limited (“Pure”), and all travel arrangements, reservations ticketing, package payments are made for and on your behalf by In Travel Limited (Agent License No. 350922) (“In Travel”).

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