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Teacher Blogs
Phoenix: Thingy Matters
The Foundation - Preparing to Teach with Patrick Creelman
Student Blogs
Barje : A career woman and her yoga master

Pure Yoga Blogs

The Foundation - Preparing to Teach with Patrick Creelman
Hong Kong. Updated: 19.06.13
Transformation is the goal by way of theoretical learning, academic study, strong physical practice, live teaching, weekly quizzes and journalling. See how the group of Teacher Trainees get support and guidance from Patrick Creelman in this 24-day full-time training and transform by producing life-changing positive results!
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Barje : A career woman and her yoga master
. Updated: 14.01.13
I am a career woman who have practiced yoga for a few years for pretty shallow reasons -"health and beauty".

I started private lessons 9 months ago with the only objective to learn to do the two poses I never managed to do - head stand and lotus. Never did I know then I was entering the "real" world of yoga which is not about what I can do with my body, but what I can do with my mind.

This blog is the journey of a materialistic business woman who begins to discover the world of yoga from her spiritual, calm, and disciplined yoga master.
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Phoenix: Thingy Matters
Taipei. Updated: 31.12.12
If this blog is about my life in Taipei as a yogini, would you be my fan? What about my dark side?Afterall I have disappeared from Pure Taipei for 2 years. Am I given a second chance here? If so, to do what? This blog is about thingy (a slang for things) that matters. Feel free to TALK BACK, I'm listening.
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