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25.05.12 Sankalpa Part 2
10.04.12 Sankalpa or yogic resolution
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23.11.09 The Path of the Student

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Sankalpa Part 2

Sankalpa (yogic resolution): 7 rules to use it efficiently

Now that you have formulated the perfect Sankalpa for yourself, you need to know how to optimise it and fulfil your dream come true. When and how to use your sankalpa?

Let's start with WHEN

1. We want to repeat sankalpa as often as possible. However it's essential that the seed of sankalpa is planted deep into the subconscious. That's the MAIN SECRET - to be successful, a resolution should be repeated when the mind is relaxed and ready to accept & absorb it. In the receptive state of mind, we are able to correct the negative patterns already existing in the brain and install the positive ones. Only this way can sankalpa be powerful and effective, and unlike most resolutions or affirmations, will always be fulfilled. Each of us has the power to re-mould our own mental structure in order to achieve our goals, no matter how impossible it may seem at the beginning!

2. l got to know about sankalpa when I was learning yoga nidra in an ashram of the Bihar School of Yoga, and I'm ever so grateful to Swami Satyananda Saraswati for his empowering teachings. Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) is one of my favourite practices ever! All you do is just lie down comfortably in Shavasana, and relax your body and mind very deeply. For more on yoga nidra, click here. When we practise yoga nidra we achieve a very relaxed and receptive state of mind. We traditionally repeat sankalpa 3 times at the beginning of yoga nidra practice, which can be compared to sowing a seed in the bed of our mind, and then 3 times at the end of practice, when the mind is receptive and sensitive to auto-suggestion, which can be compared to irrigating it. William Wordsworth said: "Your mind is the garden, your thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds." What do you choose? :) I love growing flowers!

3. I also repeat my sankalpa 3 times before and after any other yoga practice. Yoga is all about building awareness, and being aware of the thoughts allows us to control them so we can get rid of 'weeds' (negative or empty recycled thoughts) and encourage the growth of 'flowers' (positive powerful thoughts). Sankalpa comes as a yogic tool to plant and nurture a beautiful seed into the mind field. Let me just make it clear that by practising yoga I don't mean fitness yoga but hatha yoga practice as it is meant to be - mindfully performed asanas, as well as pranayamas (breathing techniques) and meditation.

4. Receptive and meditative state of mind also occurs naturally when we are waking up and falling asleep. So it's a good idea to repeat sankalpa in bed. At night, my sankalpa lets me smile and go to sleep in a positive state of mind (read the next point and you'll get why), and in the morning it helps me to re-focus my energy for the day.

Now - the HOW

5. We usually pronounce a sankalpa 3 times aloud or silently. However, it's not just about the words - the sankalpa must be supported by our positive emotions in order to create a powerful binding mechanism within our subconscious. It's more about the vibrations that we project out into the Universe…so an inner smile, symbolic positive images and/or pleasant physical sensations in the body will raise our vibrations and therefore increase the power of sankalpa. When repeating your sankalpa, always feel what you will feel when you achieve the desired outcome and see yourself in a new desired state.

6. You should have sincere faith that your sankalpa will be effective. The result does depend on your sincerity, as well as on a deeply felt need to attain the goal of your resolve. Knowing how this works is irrelevant compared to knowing that it does work. Your faith strengthens the effect of the sankalpa on your subconscious mind, so that the resolve will become a reality in your life.

7. Don't expect results overnight - flowers don't grow this fast! Depending on the complexity of the request, the manifestation will take a shorter or longer time to come to fruition. Don't give up! If you slip up a couple of days or weeks, just let it go and get back on track. To see the flower growing and blooming, we need to cultivate the seed by regularly watering it, providing fertilisers, air and sunshine. The same way we have to keep practising and continually repeating sankalpa every day with conviction and passion until the goal is achieved. When practised correctly, the sankalpa never fails!

Shining love by Jason V Lu

If you know what you want to achieve in life, sankalpa can be the creator of your destiny. That's what it's become to me - my sankalpas (as I've been reaching my goals I've changed quite a few of them throughout the years) helped me be more clear, more self-confident, more loving, more disciplined and more accepting - which ultimately has allowed me to live the life of my dream. I use my sankalpa all the time as a reminder, an uplifting and motivating force that keeps me content and joyful, that helps me to manifest all I want into my life. And I have dozens of stories from my friends and students about their changed lives, great achievements and beautiful experiences that were brought to life thanks to sankalpa practice.

May all your dreams come true!

Zoya Lu

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